Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pat McCrory never borrowed a dime to finance his campaign

Only four hours into her term as North Carolina's first female governor (if that's what she wants as her theme, so be it...) tireless Frank Rouse reports: BEVERLY WATCH:

Lets start off this edition of "Beverly Watch" with a link to a story about a N. C. Democrat Party fundraiser. Excerpts: The January 22 party at a private Raleigh home solicits donations from attendees ranging from $500 for a "Friend" to $10,000 for a "Host." Perdue's campaign finance reports show she and her husband Bob Eaves loaned her campaign more than $900,000 and the loans are outstanding.

A spokeswoman for the Democratic Party says the fundraiser was for the Party, not Perdue. Yet the invitation tells those wishing to attend to RSVP to Perdue's Web site: (- WRAL News Story)

And, now for the VIDEO!

Attached above is a copy of the invitation, and if all of this isn't enough, here's a blog entry from the Greensboro News and Record.

Raise hell about this. Don't let her make a mockery of the election laws. We've been pushed around too much by character-challenged Democrats. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!

The gov-elect raising money through the Democrat Party to pay off her debt…this unlimited individual money, then transferred to pay back money she and her husband lent her campaign is wrong. Lending her campaign her own money and then getting paid back by powerful interests, after the election is over and without the public knowing before the election… is just wrong!

Pat McCrory never borrowed a dime to finance his campaign and finished debt free.

Frank A. Rouse, Morehead City

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